About us

TGS is an IT provider with roots deep within the graphical industry. Our heritage has grown from streamlining and automating complex graphical workflows for global leaders, as local heroes alike. At TGS, we aim to enrich every user experience and make the most out of each click. Therefore, we employ cutting-edge technology to deliver the best multi-project management solutions. This safeguards simple, user-focused and practical solutions, a leading enterprise would expect today.

Born out of necessity

TGS started in the early 2000s as the IT department for Brand Quadergy, a group of graphical companies providing a wide range of services. Our core activities consisted of optimising their workflows, automating their processes and interconnecting and leveraging their internal systems. 

After streamlining their internal systems and providing their clients with comprehensive solutions to manage their orders, TGS started to develop IT solutions and became a leading IT solution provider for brand owners, design agencies and service providers. With offices in Antwerp and Rotterdam. 

At that point, we started servicing clients, processing thousands of projects and deliverables each year. Cutting away procedural waste and providing secure, efficient and manageable enterprise solutions for global leaders and local heroes around the globe.

True excellence is a constant and endless journey, not a destination

– Steve Jobs

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