Streamline, track and approve graphical workflows on-the-go

Collaborate with multiple stakeholders, organize complex graphical workflows and approve graphical projects in a few clicks.

Manage all projects in one screen

Keep projects organized from every device

Regardless of your location, always have a complete insight of all projects and their current status. With Flow, there is no limit to how many projects can be managed simultaneously.

Keep track of every project in a few clicks

Quickly see where a project is stuck and who needs to take action

FLOW offers an intelligent and intuitive user interface to manage project information in real-time. Minimise the effect of time-consuming, repetitive tasks and keep track of graphical projects conveniently organised in one screen.

Review and Provide detailed feedback on files

A built-in proofing engine to enhance collaboration on the go.

Use the powerful online proofing engine with visual annotations and comparison functions to collaborate or approve in parallel or provide direct feedback on files to all stakeholders involved.

Gather data and manage complex briefing inputs

Provide the right information to all stakeholders at the right time.

Gather correct data using online briefing forms to provide suppliers with accurate information. Since briefings are custom-configured, they always match up with the clients’ pre-defined terminology and requirements. Create, configure and modify briefings without a hassle – no coding skills required.

Store and review files on one single platform

Manage all files with one single voice of the truth.

FLOW conveniently stores files in a light, digital asset management library to re-use data quickly and efficiently. A centralized asset library allows you to keep ownership of all assets, ensuring your data is always yours – even when you switch agencies or print suppliers.

TGS Clients

Feature list

Project Management

  • PConfigurable workflows
  • PTask Management
  • PKanban task view
  • P360° Filterable overview
  • PGANTT Chart
  • PPowerful search

Project Briefing & templates

  • PStandardized briefings
  • PBriefing Validation
  • PBriefing Audit Trail

Visual Approval & feedback

  • PMultimedia support
  • PFile comparison
  • PMarkup & annotations
  • PMeasurement tools
  • PJob Reviewers & partcipants
  • PFeedback summary
  • PGDPR Audit Trail

API Integration & Functionalities

  • PImport & Export features
  • PERP Integration
  • PDAM Integration
  • PSSO Integration
  • PAsset Library
  • PRest API

KPI Reporting & insights

  • PPersonalized Dashboard
  • PKanban project view
  • P360° Filterable overview
  • PGANTT Chart
  • PMicrosoft Power BI
  • PExport to spreadsheets

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Centralize project information into a single source of truth and eliminate the need to search through inboxes, files, and multiple shared spaces to find relevant information or to complete tasks.